The L.S.Industry Co.,Ltd. is the leading nail company of Thailand. For the past 40 years, The company has produced a variety of high quality nails and steel chains under the brandname of "Liang Seng", Our products are well accepted from clients both the government and private sector. Initially, the company produced zinc nails and steel nails and become developer of modern square boat nails and rectangular nails production. As a result of longtime experiences and high quality products, The L.S.Industry Co.,Ltd. was appointed a committee to draft a standardize criteria from the Ministry of Industry. Our products consist of concrete nails, common nails, furniture nails, rectangular boat nails, square boat nails, commercial chain, rivet nails, shoe tacks nails, tacks nails, brass nails, zinc nails and a various kind of special nails under brand name of "Star", “Star D”" Star Bird" and "Star S" respectively.

The motto of company is that every product from our is the work of with Quality, Service and Integrity.

The Machines
We use machines from Germany and Japan, the world leading machine manufacturers.

The Raw Materials 
We use only a high quality raw material both from domestic and abroad such as TATA Steel (Thailand) and The Kobe Steel Co.,Ltd. (Japan) The products undergo a strict quality control procedures before packing, weighting and distributing to the clients.

The Main Policy 
The company is increasing the productivity and product lines to serve our clients' demand. We emphasize in producing high quality products at a fair price.
Common Nail
Concrete Nail
Rectangular Boat Nail
Square Boat Nail
Brass Nail
Needle Nail
Large head Nail
Cupped brad head nail
Rivet Nail
Roof Nail
Lag Screw
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